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The biggest names in chess, Garry Kasparov among others, used to say: "We are Children of the Informant." We have been reaching out to the entire chess world ever since 1966.

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The Periodical The Pros Use

Do you care about who was sitting in the tournament audience, who smiled at whom and why, and who might be the champion’s new girlfriend? If the answer is no, that’s very good – you are qualified to read this publication!

Why Informant?

All the entertainment and fun a true chess fan could want is inside: topical games and tournament reports, fashionable openings and instructive commentary, photos and profiles of leading players, creative insights and personal perspectives of our grandmaster contributors, sparkling combinations, and mind-blowing studies. 

Garry Kasparov, Photo By Josip Asik

Garry Kasparov | Chess Informant 114

A Fine Old Gentlemen

The biggest names in chess used to say: “We are all children of the Informant.” Now this fine old gentleman, the granddaddy of all the top magazines still around, is back, fresher than ever, and just waiting for you. So hop on board and renew your journey through the best the present-day chess world has to offer!


Chess Informant’s concept has always been about selection – to preserve and highlight the best examples of human creativity.

IM John Donaldson, United States

"Highly recommended. There is enough material here to keep one busy for several months."

Wesley Surber, United States

"Informant skips the drama and the social elements that surround the fame of being a top chess player and focuses attention on the action on the board."

IM John Cox, United Kingdom

"The English-language section of Informant, considered as a magazine covering top-level chess, knocks every other one I've seen into a cocked hat."

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Bobby Fischer with
the "Chess Bible"

Chess Informant was considered the chess bible by none other than Bobby Fischer who pored over each issue carefully studying all the games - as shown on the famous "Bobby The Champ" photograph, taken in Reykjavik 1972.

Photo by Harry Benson


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American Chess Magazine is an authorized distributor of Chess Informant.

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