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It’s like getting a book of instruction, news, and close-ups every three months — one you would be proud to casually lay out on your coffee table. Treat yourself to quality.

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American Chess MAgazine

Chess Journalists Of America Awards

Awards American Chess MAgazine

The Chess Public Deserves The Best

There is no reason why a chess magazine couldn’t be equally good as any mainstream golf or tennis magazine. We have been receiving rave reviews around the world for our quarterly that has 150+ pages of chess each issue the way chess fans want to read it. Our first issues won numerous awards from the Chess Journalists of America.

It’s the chess magazine America, in its chess renaissance, deserves. And we will consider it a great compliment if readers find it worthy to share the ACM with their friends, exhibiting the same pride they feel in being members of the American – and indeed worldwide – chess community!


We concentrate on presenting educational articles that will have value not only today but years from now.

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The Paper

Call us old-fashioned. We simply believe that you need to feel the superior quality of the printed copy in your hands!

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The criteria for inclusion of material is that it is original, topical and of sufficient quality to be considered for publication.

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Celebrating The Resurgence Of US Chess

A dream team of US grandmasters won the gold medal at the World Chess Olympiad, ahead of Ukraine, Russia, India, and over 160 other nations, while 15–year–old Texan, Jeffery Xiong, became the new World Under–20 Champion! And now the ACM has been launched to help American readers keep in touch with all the most significant happenings in the exciting world of present day chess, both at home and abroad.

Fall edition of the ACM boasts a cover photo of Hikaru Nakamura, one of top US players!

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John Doe

Chris W.

"I ordered the premier issue and eagerly awaited its arrival. I was expecting quite a lot from it, but I still was completely blown away by how good it really was."


Do you care about who was sitting in the tournament audience, who smiled at whom and why, and who might be the champion's new girlfriend?

If the answer is no, that's very good — you are qualified to read this publication! All the entertainment and fun a true chess fan could want is inside the games, the openings, the variations, the combinations and studies, the creative insights of our contributors.

Our Latest Issue

Fall 2018 | American Chess Magazine #08

John Doe

Richard A.

"Wanting to support American Chess, I took the leap of faith and subscribed. And I am so glad I did! This is the finest chess magazine I have ever held in my hands and I am 70 years old!"

Chess Magazine As It Was Meant To Be

We are devoted to chess in America without forgetting what’s going on in the chess world at large. We cover national events and encourage reporting on chess in individual states. We do in-depth interviews, behind the scenes reporting and have great grandmasters writing notes that actually explain what’s going on.

Take a look for yourself in these pages: Joel Benjamin’s “Musings of an American Grandmaster” takes chess commentary to a GM level! Get almost personal coaching from Ivanchuk as he takes you through a game. Fishbein’s endgame columns have already received wide notice. Our Olympiad coverage went 57 pages (!!) in bringing you a whole staff of writers to do justice to the American championship team.

Grandmasters At The Forefront

Our authors are world-class players – champions – but, above all, grandmasters and experts who are excited to share their knowledge within the chess community. No ghost-writers or “special” contributors, only fully committed authors, proud of their hard work. The job of our team of experienced international editors is merely to create a supportive environment where the work of our chess heroes can shine in full splendor.

John Doe

Steve C.

"Cover to cover, my favorite chess publication. It has everything I want to see and the physical quality of each page is outstanding; great pictures that just jump of the page, print that doesn't come off on your fingers, and pages that don't stick together."

Is American Chess Magazine For Me?


Chess enthusiast

You may be happy just to remain a keen chess enthusiast who loves the mental challenge that chess provides. Because of your busy working schedule you cannot afford the time it takes to surf the internet in search of accurate and reliable information on current tournament play and latest chess trends. And, even if you do go online, you find yourself becoming increasingly irritated by the prevalence of superficial chess commentaries, which cannot possibly satisfy your intellectual needs.

So why not take it easy, sit down, relax and enjoy chess at your own pace in the comfort of your own home by reading our quarterly publication. Reviewing the state of world chess every third month is a reasonable period of time to stay tuned to your beloved game, and without adversely impacting on your obligations to your professional work and family.

Chess coach

Perhaps you are a chess coach. If so, you will need to have at your fingertips up-to-date and top-notch material for everyday training, so that you can provide your students with the best possible opportunities for advancement. You may not be aware that the ACMs are packed with a wide variety of educational articles supported by games thoroughly annotated in words!

Actually, any column in American Chess Magazine can be used as a lesson, or indeed many lessons. Our contributors write with heart and soul and do not cheat their readers by artificially lowering the level of their work just to appeal to the widest possible audience.


Expert player

If you’re an active, titled or expert player, then you are almost certainly looking for chess material that will give you the edge over your opponent in your next club or tournament game. Well, please be assured that each and every ACM is made up of articles written by your brothers-in-arms! These are not only famous grandmasters but also personalities who are highly respected in professional circles, where anyone who is anyone in the chess world is given due and rightful recognition.

Here, delivered with honesty and integrity, you will find original ideas and instructive analysis and commentaries, eminently useful for practical play. And this claim is not intended as hyped-up commercial advertisement but merely as a statement of fact, silently endorsed by the number of very strong players who are included among our subscribers.

Parent of a chess-playing kid

Maybe you are a parent of an enthusiastic chess-playing boy or girl and want to provide them with self-study material to nurture their talent to the full and beyond any artificial constraints that may have been unjustly placed upon them!

Youngsters should be given the chance to embrace the winning chess techniques and ways of thinking of those who have already tried and tested them successfully in high class competition – and this is what we aim to provide. Indeed, everything in the American Chess Magazine is presented with the learning curve in mind.


What Our Readers Say

We are thankful to so many early adopters, the majority of whom surprisingly chose subscription over a single issue. If the response by our readers would continue to be so great as it is in the first days of the magazine, we will expand our presence in the years that follow.

Rick R., California

Simply a fantastic magazine.

Greg C., Rhode Island

Glossy, just beautiful.

Angel H., Texas

I love everything about it. The articles, the strategic lessons, the tournament insights are all thrilling. Can't wait for the next issue!

Manuel I., Oklahoma

Excellent production; color photographs, tournament news/updates, game annotations/analysis, endgames, studies, etc. Very in depth....

Paul D., New York

Have already shared the magazine at our local chess club. All were impressed. Arrived in stellar condition.

Melvin D., Illinois

Of all the chess magazines that I have seen in the past, ACM is by far the best. The magazine is really ABOUT chess.

David M., Massachusetts

ACM does a great job of covering American chess and Worldwide chess through an American lens.


In general, I do not recommend things. However, I am impressed by the magazine, and I wish it continued success.

Benjamin H., California

I like the magazine so far. Everything and so informative for my taste. So far so good. Keep up the good work.

Leo F., New Hampshire

Content, layout design, unique chess perspective, shipping quality, PGN availability.

Proud Of Our Authors

Wesley So, Shak Mamedyarov, Yuanling Yuan, Robert Hungaski, Awonder Liang, Sabina Foisor, Boris Gulko, Joel Benjamin, Irina Krush, Mackenzie Molner, Jon Edwards, Danny Rensch, Vassily Ivanchuk, Baadur Jobava, Rafael Leitao, Carsten Hansen, Pentala Harikrishna, David Smerdon, Andrei Volokitin, Sam Shankland, Julio Sadorra, Eric Hansen, Alisa Melekhina, Jacob Aagaard, Varuzhan Akobian, Ilya Smirin, Vladimir Georgiev, John Fedorowicz, Michael Rohde, Pontus Carlsson, Alejandro Ramirez, Timur Gareyev, Alisa Maric, Jeffery Xiong, Mikheil Mchedlishvili, Sarunas Sulskis, Jon Speelman, Piotr Murdzia, Ivan Sokolov, Surya Ganguly, John Hilbert, Leinier Dominguez, Alex Lenderman, Jaan Ehlvest, Hou Yifan, Denes Boros, Mihail Marin, Ernesto Inarkiev, Alex Fishbein, Michael Brown, Praveen Balakrishnan, Alex Ipatov, Dennis Monokroussos, Ryan Velez, Nikola Mitkov, Baskiran Adhiban, Michael Adams, John Burke, Priyadharshan Kannappan, Bassem Amin, S.P.Sethuraman, Yakov Geller, Igor Khmelnitsky, Annie Wang, Susan Polgar, Zviad Izoria, Venkat Saravanan, Zoran Stamenkovic, Tatev Abrahamyan, Tibor Karolyi, Cristian Chirila, Karsten Mueller, Boris Gelfand...


We treasure magazines of excellence from the past, and we need to have this era’s premier magazine, which we hope you will support, continue its quest to bring you the best in chess for the future. A year’s subscription is about the same as taking your favorite person to a quality restaurant, and may very well be less expensive!

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