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The American Chess Magazine comes to you on the crest of a wave that has provided the biggest boost to the US chess since the early 1970s, when Bobby Fischer claimed the world title from Boris Spassky.

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Why To Choose ACM?

Our goal is only one – to make ACM a superb international magazine. There is no reason why a chess magazine couldn’t be equally good as any mainstream golf or tennis magazine. The chess public deserves the best.

What we did, based on the initial feedback, is best described as a “wow” effect – a state of the art magazine, both in terms of design and substance. And we will consider it a great compliment if readers find it worthy to share the ACM with both their chess and non–chess friends, exhibiting the same pride they feel in being members of the American – and indeed worldwide – chess community!

Educative & Entertaining

American Chess Magazine aims to present chess in all its beauty. While entertaining in typical magazine style, it is essentially focused on the educational aspect.

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The ACM relies on many American authors, and keeps the special interest in American players and themes of significance for US chess.

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With International Value

The idea of a "chess magazine as it is meant to be" is that every theme that holds the internal spirit of chess is worthy of our attention.

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Celebrating The Resurgence Of US Chess

A dream team of US grandmasters won the gold medal at the World Chess Olympiad, ahead of Ukraine, Russia, India, and over 160 other nations, while 15–year–old Texan, Jeffery Xiong, became the new World Under–20 Champion!

And now the ACM has been launched to help American readers keep in touch with all the most significant happenings in the exciting world of present day chess, both at home and abroad.

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"I ordered the premier issue and eagerly awaited its arrival. I was expecting quite a lot from it, but I still was completely blown away by how good it really was."

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Two distinctive results came out of a recent survey we conducted among chess enthusiasts in the USA. First, they were overjoyed with the recent successes of American chess but, second, they had serious doubts as to whether the achievements of American chess players would ever be recognized at their true worth by the general public.

Therefore, our goal is simple; it is also one which has been amply proven in other fields of sport: We want to make chess attractive in terms of both its creative content and visual presentation. We can then hope that mainstream channels will recognize its inherent qualities and untapped potential. Let’s make chess a game that can be understood by everyone, yet without sacrificing either substance or quality!

Committed To Promoting Our Beloved Game

This quarterly magazine is designed to record not only the exploits of those men and women who fulfil their varied roles as star players, trainers and sponsors, but also the endeavors of the many unsung heroes who work behind the scenes in American organizations, clubs and institutions supportive of chess. The ACM will be committed to promoting even wider recognition and greater popularity of our beloved game.


Why not digital?
Because print is the new king!

Call us old-fashioned! We simply believe that you need to feel the superior quality of the printed copy in your hands!

  • pictureThe ACM is powered by Chess Informant. We have been reaching out to the entire chess world since 1966!
  • pictureOur partnership with ideally connects online and print around the same vision – to boost chess as a global and widely respected sport and culture discipline.
  • pictureWhile we are not planning digital edition (PDF, Kindle and similar), database version for ChessBase or PGN readers is available – as a free bonus for our subscribers!

Proud Of Our Authors
Lineup includes world-class grandmasters

Our authors are either highly respected grandmasters or experts with a strong reputation in their field of chess expertise. We are rejecting the usual boundaries between top, local or youth chess. ACM doesn’t want to be repetitive or formulaic. It’s not about the very same games and tournaments, or closed circles of authors, as in other magazines. We wish to be creative, informative and educational.


Boris Gulko, Joel Benjamin, Irina Krush, Mackenzie Molner, Jon Edwards, Danny Rensch, Vassily Ivanchuk, Baadur Jobava, Rafael Leitao, Carsten Hansen


Pentala Harikrishna, David Smerdon, Andrei Volokitin, Sam Shankland, Julio Sadorra, Eric Hansen, Vladimir Georgiev, Pontus Carlsson, Yakov Geller, Alejandro Ramirez


Timur Gareyev, Jeffery Xiong, Mikheil Mchedlishvili, Sarunas Sulskis, Johnathan Speelman, Sarunas Sulskis, Piotr Murdzia, Ivan Sokolov, Surya Ganguly, John Hilbert


"Simply a fantastic magazine." — Rick Romero, CA
"Glossy, just beautiful." — Greg Cimmarrusti, GA
"Many contributors, lots of games and analysis." — David Parker, RI

We are thankful to so many early adopters, the majority of whom surprisingly chose subscription over a single issue. If the response by our readers would continue to be so great as it is in the first days of the magazine, we will expand our presence in the years that follow.


The success of the USA team at the Chess Olympiad comes under the spotlight in our first issue, as does Jeffery Xiong’s capture of the world junior title. There is also an in-depth preview of the world championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin in New York. And much much more...


David Stewart, Oregon - “Well put together, beautiful magazine style. A little expensive but still worth it.”
Gregory Bradley, Wisconsin - “Great cover, great stories, great photos, what more to say except - bravo!!!”

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We cannot resist quoting the following lines, written by William Borsodi, a publisher of the ACM way back in 1897!
"While the first issue of the American Chess Magazine does not in any degree approach the excellence which will mark future issues, you will admit that it is far superior to any chess periodical ever offered before."

In short, our new quarterly magazine has arrived and is here to stay.


Letter From The Editor

The ACM is not an overnight wonder. As a CEO of Chess Informant, I am directly responsible for all actions our company is taking – in both the managing and editorial area. For my part, being the editor-in-chief of the American Chess Magazine represents the greatest challenge of a 25 year career in sports journalism.

The international team that has in the last six years restored the legendary Chess Informant to its former glory, and more recently revamped the 135–year–old British Chess Magazine, has now been encouraged to celebrate the resurgence of US chess with the help of some of the finest American authors and editors. We hasten to add that we also welcome readers’ contributions and letters, whether they are critical or supportive!

FM Josip Asik, Editor-in-chief

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